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Facing The Challenges Of Young Adult Life

Facing The Challenges Of Young Adult Life

Facing The Challenges Of Young Adult Life

Young Adults In Transition To College & Work

We often think of young adults as ready to launch easily into college, career and dynamic adult social scenes. Yet this transition from a supportive and protective home or school environment to independent living is a bridge to adulthood that many young adults find fraught with great difficulty, confusion and profound loneliness.

Older teens and young adults in their twenties are often not adapting well to work place environments and find they do not possess the necessary interpersonal skills to succeed in adult and work relationships. Additionally, economic pressures are more extreme than ever and they often have unrealistic hopes of independence and financial self-direction. They feel thrown into a world without a real understanding of how to survive or succeed in it.

Much is written about this "quarter life crisis." Young adults need to find a more realistic view for their own lives. They need help as they face the hard realities that they haven't accomplished certain necessary adult tasks and milestones of young adult success. These tasks include finding a college or career, mastering public transportation, navigating agreements with financial sponsors and parents, establishing adult roles in the home, dorm or apartment, managing a grocery budget, cooking, healthy living, multi-tasking, delayed gratification, or allocating appropriate time to significant priorities. Unexpected difficulties can derail even the most successful young adult or college student. Parents and their young adult sons and daughters who were once in alignment when planning the launch to college or independent living are often faced with the pain of unmatched expectations, disorganized time-lines, and resentful conversations. Young adult lives and good relationships can quickly turn upside down.

Young adults in transition are students between high school and college, post-college, or returning home from boarding schools, gap-years, or military service. They seek to set new goals and define new directions for their future. These normal, yet rapid young adult changes can be especially tough on parents. Parents often need guidance and coaching as they redefine their new roles as parents to adult children. Young adults need adult wisdom and strong guidance, but in their need to differentiate, they often respond negatively to parental support. Coaching can change that dynamic by producing skill building and management practices that can benefit both the student and their parents.

What Do Young Adult Coaches Do?

  • Encourage you to express yourself and your personal goals
  • Learn to create realistic and incremental goals for self
  • Advocate for you with your parents for support for your goals & objectives
  • Establish essential skill building for appropriate areas of independence
  • Navigate personal financial arrangements with sponsors & parents
  • Teach time management, safety, financial & technology literacy
  • Help you devise a workable daily schedule & learn how to stick to it
  • Listen and learn from your ideas and dreams- take you seriously!
  • Assign homework and tasks that move you towards your goals
  • Make necessary connections to adult mentors and guides
  • Summer Semester Schools
  • Help you accomplish/produce results more quickly than you imagined
  • Provide Career & Interest Assessments
  • Assist with applications to college, schools, GAP semesters, internships & other opportunities

Questions Young Adults & Parents Frequently Ask:

What Is Young Adult Coaching?
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With your young adult coach you will identity the actions and thoughts and words that best support and move you towards your goals. Often young adults create goals and then are challenged by staying aligned with them. Our coaches will help you develop an action plan and steps towards living a life that keeps you true to yourself and more accountable in your relationships.You may be facing a more conventional transition, such as moving away to college or starting a new job, or the unique challenges of beginning college as a student who has experienced physical, emotional, or mental health problems. Learning disorders or family crises may add additional stresses and young adults desire coaching support to be ready and able to meet these demands. Coaching can empower you and help you launch yourself with confidence and skill.

How Does Coaching Differ From Counseling?
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Coaching is not the same as therapy. It is a more immediate and directive process. Coaching involves action, action that meets goals. Although our coaches are credentialed therapists, their additional training in coaching allows them to better support you in present and future focus, whereas therapy often focuses on current emotional issues, and at times the past. Coaching is both in-person and in-the-moment by phone, text, and email; supporting you no matter where you are located and when you need it.

Customized Coaching Options:
  • Individualized Coaching Packages support you in academic skill building, as well as vocational and personal goals. Life skill development includes competency in money management, time and organizational management, and refining of executive thinking skills for greater success.
  • Parent and Family Coaching to support your positive and personalized launch into adult life and your parent's adaptation to your new role as an adult
  • Unique learning opportunities when in transition, such as internship programs, resume/portfolio building options, 5th or gap year choices, and more.
  • Accountability systems: ways to optimize the support & communication between young adults and their parents
  • Supervised living and residential arrangements
  • High School Diploma Completion
  • Top level tutors-current college and university level instructors to help you improve skills and provide learning support

Each young adult transition plan is completely customized to your young adult and family needs.

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