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What to Expect on Your First Consultation Visit

What to Expect on Your First Consultation Visit

What to Expect on Your First Consultation Visit

Initial Visit

Welcome to the practice! We look forward to working with your student and family. A comprehensive academic, developmental, social, intervention and family history will be taken at the first visit, as well as a review and determination of the parent's and student's most important concerns and goals. The following list may assist us in this initial visit and help us all to develop momentum.

Review the list below for suggestions of what to bring to the first meeting, if possible. Please do not fret/worry if you do not have these things readily available. We can help you collect these materials. The team at Dean Doering & Associates requests this information from relevant schools and professionals, as well as determines what information is even important or necessary. These issues can be discussed at the initial meeting and plans to acquire these records can be made at that time.

Information & Records Which May Be Useful To The Process School
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  • School transcripts & current grades in progress
  • Learning evaluations & gifted testing
  • IEP or 504 records
  • School records (infractions, incident reports, focus of concern records, etc.)
  • Teacher evaluations or recommendations (when needed for application process)
  • Tutoring evaluations and summaries
Testing And Evaluation
  • Psychological or educational evaluations (school-based or independent evaluations)
  • Speech & Language evaluations and recommendations
  • Assessments (reading, developmental, sensory, etc.)
  • ADHD records & rating forms
  • Developmental & Adaptive Evaluations
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Drug & alcohol evaluations
  • Risk Assessments
  • Intervention records (previous hospitalizations, DBT, CBT, etc.)
  • Medication history & pharmacological interventions and trials
  • Writing samples
  • Academic & Award Resume
  • Art & poetry portfolios
  • School picture or family picture for records
  • Records of accomplishments and awards
  • Current documents pertaining to your child's health, treatment or schooling
  • Career & Interest Assessments
  • Professional contacts (pediatrician, treatment providers, tutors, etc.)

Specialty testing may need to be considered, and can be arranged in the community or through our office when necessary. Please discuss this with us at the time of your initial visit or later during the consultation process.

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