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Crisis Intervention: Finding Help When You Need It

Crisis Intervention: Finding Help When You Need It

Crisis Intervention: Finding Help When You Need It

Crisis Intervention

Emotional crisis is always overwhelming! Families often need help in navigating the many alternatives available for appropriate and immediate intervention and treatment. Internet websites can be quite confusing, as can the huge array of treatment alternatives and specialty programs. Even a wonderful top-ranked school or specialty intervention program can be the wrong fit for your child. Valuable resources, as well as critical windows for intervention can be lost in a wrong fit or delayed intervention. We assist families in determining risk assessment and timely and appropriate school and program placement.

Crisis Treatments, Interventions And Therapeutic Placements May Include:
  • Crisis Intervention & Family Counseling
  • Wilderness & Adventure Therapy Programs
  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools
  • Young Adult Transition Programs
  • Psychiatric Treatment Programs
  • Addiction & Recovery Programs
  • Trauma Treatment
  • Comprehensive Educational and Mental Health Assessment
  • Neuro-psychological Testing & Assessment
  • Grief & Loss Counseling
  • Creative Home-Based Solutions & Services
Other Options May Include:
  • Local Private Schools
  • Local Public School Coordination & 504 and IEP Planning
  • Gifted Schools & Specialty Schools
  • Traditional Boarding Schools
  • Summer Semester Schools
  • Tutorial 1:1 Schools
  • Gap Year & Young Adult Transition Programs
Families Seek Expert Guidance
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Families seek expert guidance to evaluate these many options and to make wise choices in a timely manner. The specialty team at Dean Doering & Associates routinely provide crisis intervention, comprehensive case management and educational planning for complex psychiatric and special needs cases. Our goal is to optimize your child's experience, prevent crisis and bring greater creativity to your educational planning.

Crisis Expertise
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Dana Dean Doering, ARNP, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, has national board certification in child and adolescent psychiatric mental health and has been a practicing Psychiatric Mental Health and Pediatric clinician for over 45 years. She began her career in developmental pediatrics with a strong emphasis on normative growth and development. This developmental perspective, combined with over three decades of clinical practice, and specialty suicide risk assessment and university research experience, builds the foundation for crisis expertise. Dana orchestrates the crisis intervention team, taking the clinical lead on every case in the practice.

Dana served on the Washington State Governor's task force for suicide prevention and was the community liaison to all Washington State counties. Dana served on the 'Reconnecting At-Risk Youth' team, a nationally recognized research team at the University of Washington, for which she received the Outstanding Service Award. Dana believes that good assessment is the cornerstone of good treatment.

Specialty team members at Dean Doering & Associates bring further expertise and capacity to this process of crisis stabilization. Dr. Steve Tutty, Ph.D., clinical neuro-psychologist, is available for rapid testing and assessment upon request. Sarah Persha, M.A., associate educational consultant can assist with urgent parent coaching and adolescent and young adult stabilization. Other team members help to bring the focus of family & community systems perspective to the team, as well as expertise in grief & loss and trauma. Many additional collaborative relationships and partnerships with specialty professionals help expand our team. These valuable team members may be called upon to support your family during these critical times.

The stresses on youth and young adults have grown exponentially over the past three decades, and many families discover they unexpectedly need help. These good families often find that they need not only crisis intervention, but comprehensive case management, in-home services and on-going educational planning.

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