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Our Team of Educational Consultants: We Care About Your Child’s Future

Our Team of Educational Consultants: We Care About Your Child’s Future

Our Team of Educational Consultants: We Care About Your Child’s Future

Our Senior Clinical & Educational Consulting Team

Thank you to our many collaborative partners- doctors, psychologists, teachers, tutors, and specialists who join with us and bring excellence to our team and specialty care to our students!

Dana Dean Doering ARNP

Sarah Persha MA

Educational Team Members

Dennis Doering

Julie Larson


Therapeutic Placement Parent Testimonial

I first came to meet Dana during an extremely difficult time as my son was increasingly displaying antisocial behaviors in his early teenage years. I was becoming concerned that he was pursuing a path of self-destruction, and it was impacting our family life. Despite having worked with many well-meaning providers who were certain they understood and could help, none of the measures we had undertaken (private schools, tutoring, family therapy, individual therapy, etc.) were working. Dana stayed in constant contact as my son moved from assessment to intensive therapies designed to address the root causes of his behaviors. At one point, when his prognosis looked bleak, Dana found an emerging program that was having success with similar cases. Dana got us in, and it was in this placement that we were able to break through and change what would have been a dark trajectory.

Ray A.

I have a teenage son with a mellow personality who struggles in school. He got caught up in drug/alcohol use by following the “in-crowd” and ended up in some legal trouble. We hired Dana and discussed whether placing my son in a therapeutic boarding school that focused on drug/alcohol or brushings with the law was a good fit for my child since he is so impressionable. Dana reassured me that yes, he would be a good fit because all the behavioral issues stem from emotional problems (mostly low self-esteem). The way they manifest their behavior is just different. Dana was right, he is now in a therapeutic boarding school out of state fitting in well and making great progress, bonding well with his peers. I’m so thankful to have found Dana and recommend her highly to anyone who is considering hiring an Educational Consultant.

Donna C.

I was referred to Dana by a Therapist who told me that I needed to explore some options for my 16 year old extremely depressed & anxious teen. We spent months working with Dana, she was extremely supportive and provided guidance and strength throughout the entire process. During this time, my son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, with severe anxiety and depression. Per Dana's recommendation, after 3 months at an Outdoor Therapeutic program my son was moved to a Therapeutic Boarding School specializing in teens with Asperger's syndrome (executive functioning, social and memory challenges). This course of treatment may very well have saved his life.

Kevin M.

Our 20 year old daughter has had a serious problem for the last 4 years with with anxiety, depression and marijuana addiction. We tried therapy, medication, outpatient rehab and one inpatient rehab. We tried tried being flexible and we tried tough love (kicking her out of the house). Nothing has worked. She is not willing to quit using marijuana, and it's very clear to us that her marijuana usage makes her depression and anxiety much worse. Our daughter's therapist recommended that we speak to an educational consultant about a possible longer-term placement for our daughter. We are lucky to have found Dana, who’s experience and compassion saved us from many sleepless nights and countless hours of research, had we continued to do this on our own.

Mona P.

When we needed to send our son away, we had no idea where to start. There must be thousands of boarding schools and programs out there. Unfortunately, when we tried to place him on our own, my son flunked out of a local rehab program, the psychiatrist there referred us to Dana. I can't imagine how to approach finding a boarding school without some kind of guidance like this. It would have been a total crap shoot. Dana was able to find a therapeutic wilderness program and then a boarding school, both were exactly right for our son. The cost of hiring a consultant may seem expensive, but that is nothing compared to the cost of losing our son. He ended up where he needed to be, and is doing well after 14 months, he has been safe and supported and challenged -- and also, at his particular school, he got sober plus had fun. And he's graduating next month!

Tammy V.

My professional relationship with Dana has spanned over six years. During this time I've come to know her as a person with great compassion, intelligence, integrity, and a great sense of humor. Her frank approach is rare and refreshing. She has been a tireless proponent for my son, and she's helped me become the parent he needs. Looking back, I realize how fortunate we were to have found Dana. I'm certain that the work we did helped my son immensely. He's now attending college and embarking on a productive young adult life. And I know that I provided the very best resources available because of her guidance. It was all worth it.


Dana Dean Doering is a wealth of knowledge and support and we could not be more grateful to her for the guidance and insights she offered while we were making the challenging decisions of whether or not our boys needed additional support outside of our state, and what programs could best provide the unique supports each one of our boys needed.

Dana is very well versed and knowledgeable about the different options throughout the United States and which programs are the best fit for specific challenges a child is having.  We fully trusted Dana, and the options she presented were very much in line with our needs, and we could not be happier with the outcome and the experiences our boys had at the respective programs they were at.

We recommend Dana, and will continue to do so, to any families who are in the very challenging and stressful position of figuring out the best next step for their son or daughter who is struggling after exhausting all of their local therapeutic options.  Dana gave us hope, insight, understanding, experience and a depth of knowledge that was most helpful to us during this very difficult time.  We would not be where we are today without her help - she truly cares about these kids and the families she serves.

JK, 2019

A Mother

I hired Dana Dean Doering to assist me when my son was in crisis at a program recommended by other consultants.  At the time I contacted her, we were in a time crunch for expert recommendations in an exceedingly complex case. Dana jumped into my son's case immediately, helping with necessary and expert information, recommendations, and working with me to provide an alternative to a team of professionals that simply had been unable to grasp my son's specific and critical needs.

There are so many valuable things I can say about Dana -- I should add ours is a blended family; my ex-husband and I were at very serious odds about how to proceed with my son's treatment and care. We were 2,500 miles away from home. The situation was very stressful! Trying to navigate this as a mother  was inordinately difficult.

Dana stood out as the singular voice who focused only on what was best for my son, without ego. She performed work so far beyond the time for which I had paid her, developing expert recommendations for my son that were current, in-depth, expertly researched, and most of all - designed individually for his very critical needs at that time- needs that had been misdiagnosed by other professionals.

Dana acted with integrity and grace, never alienating anyone in what became something of a quagmire of expert "weighing in" and disagreement.  Dana was able to discuss and help others to see my son's complexities from 3 very critical viewpoints - neuropsychiatric, neurodevelopmental, and neurocognitive.

Dana's entry into the case finally allowed us, but most importantly my son some very necessary and invaluable expertise, as well as common sense, and compassion. Other professionals did not seem to have that expertise.

Dana stays above the fray and tells it like it is, but does so with genuine concern and compassion.  Because of her medical and psychiatric background, she is likely the best educational consultant in the U.S. for complex cases. She was recommended to me by 2 other consultants. I can honestly say that I believe the recommendations I received to contact Dana were absolutely true, and I do not know what we would have done without her.

My son is on the autism spectrum, with co-occurring mental health issues. Dana is the only person in literally 20 years who was able to take all his testing, diagnoses, symptoms, and current challenges, and present a cohesive picture of where he had been, why, and what he really needed. To say this was a lifesaver is an understatement. She also went out of her way to speak with other people who had worked with my son in the past in order to get the most complete picture possible.

I am grateful beyond words to have found Dana when I did. I recommend her in the highest possible way and without any reservation. You and your child will be in the best possible hands.

Parents are highly stressed when their children are in crisis. The level of stress all parties were under demonstrated what kind of person Dana Doering is.  She is a true and committed professional whose only focus is what is best for your child. She was always available whenever I called, or she let me know immediately when she could speak. She did not adopt the conclusions of other professionals in a complex case, but looked at it fresh with expert eyes, and she made all the difference.

Annon., 2019

Values That Guide Us


We believe in a collaborative approach to your student's care and assessment. Not just one trained mind, but a team of trained minds are working with your family to enhance your child's future.

Achieve True Potential
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We believe in guiding each student to actualize their full potential in school and life. We help them find joy, satisfaction and happiness in their work and accomplishments.

Creative Paths
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We believe that every student has unique needs and desires and each has a unique and creative path to travel in life. We believe in thinking outside the box in order to create an academic plan that will optimize your student's talents.

Pretty girl on the grass looking over the book

We believe that the care and well-being of our students is our most important responsibility.


We celebrate excellence achieved through diversity and seek to work with and support students and families from all ethnicities, religions, and cultures.

Fostering Success
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We believe that young minds and hearts should be "Led down the right paths, not by severity, but by persuasion." -Theresa of Avila.

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