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What Is An Educational Consultant? A Multidisciplinary Expert

Understanding thel Role of Educational Consultants

Understanding the Role of Educational Consultants

Multidisciplinary Expert
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Educational consultants are multidisciplinary experts who possess comprehensive knowledge in both traditional school options and specialty educational and intervention options. An educational consultant helps you to discover the right school fit or specialty intervention for your child.

Current Research

Building expertise and staying on the leading edge of current research is essential. Staying abreast of best practices requires frequent attendance at many annual specialty conferences, as well as study of this applied research and method in schools and programs. This expertise is then brought to bear on each family's unique situation and each student's special learning needs. Exciting new developments and trends in education are discovered and new ideas are incorporated into creative educational planning for your child. These valuable resources are used to determine best fit educational options for your child, adolescent, or young adult student.

Networks & Contacts
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Our team of consultants travel over 150 days per year to interact with schools and programs in a way that can only be achieved face-to-face. We maintain extensive data bases of schools and programs throughout the northwest region, across the nation and around the world that are being continually updated. Networks and contacts are developed with key people such as teachers, administrators and counselors in schools, specialty programs, universities and research institutions. These valuable resources are used to help determine best fit educational options and interventions for your student.

Full IECA Membership

IECA members are nationally recognized educational consultants. They are trusted professionals who assist students and their families with educational decision-making.

Their highly specialized training, educational backgrounds, areas of expertise, and frequent travel to visit and assess many schools and programs across the nation, equip them to help students find the best-fit environments that can meet their individual needs and goals. Consultants also help families weigh alternatives of cost, location, curriculum, activities, atmosphere and future plans.

Dana Dean Doering has national standing as one of only three hundred therapeutic educational consultants who are full national members of IECA, the Independent Educational Consultants Association. This organization sets the highest standards for expertise, ethics and excellence in educational placement. Furthermore, Dana is one of only one hundred and fifty educational consultants who specialize in clinical and exceptional situations, such as student underachievement, emotional and behavioral difficulties, and crisis intervention efforts. Sarah Persha and Dr. Tutty are also full members with IECA.

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