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Values That Guide Us:

Values That Guide Us:


We believe in a collaborative approach to your student's care and assessment. Not just one trained mind, but a team of trained minds are working with your family to enhance your child's future.

Achieve True Potential

We believe in guiding each student to actualize their full potential in school and life. We help them find joy, satisfaction and happiness in their work and accomplishments.

Creative Paths

We believe that every student has unique needs and desires and each has a unique and creative path to travel in life. We believe in thinking outside the box in order to create an academic plan that will optimize your student's talents.


We believe that the care and well-being of our students is our most important responsibility.


We celebrate excellence achieved through diversity and seek to work with and support students and families from all ethnicities, religions, and cultures.

Fostering Success

We believe that young minds and hearts should be "Led down the right paths, not by severity, but by persuasion." -Theresa of Avila.