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Therapeutic Placement Parent Testimonial

To whom this may concern:

I am writing this to share with you my experience working with Dana Dean Doering.

I first came to meet Dana during an extremely difficult time as my son was increasingly displaying antisocial behaviors in his early teenage years. I was becoming concerned that he was pursuing a path of self-destruction, and it was impacting our family life. Despite having worked with many well-meaning providers who were certain they understood and could help, none of the measures we had undertaken (private schools, tutoring, family therapy, individual therapy, etc.) were working.

My therapist was aware of our circumstances and shared my concerns. She recommended Dana and we met for an initial interview. Dana astutely recognized key indicators and told me that I was in over my head. She quickly determined that my son required placement in a therapeutic environment in order to properly assess his issues and capacity while keeping him in a safe, contained environment.

My initial reaction to Dana's recommendations was mixed: I knew she was right, but I didn't want to admit that I couldn't provide at home what my son needed, and I struggled with my identity as a parent. Rational thinking won out and we embarked on a journey aimed at providing my son with a brighter future. Little did I know that this journey would also benefit me so profoundly.

Dana stayed in constant contact as my son moved from assessment to intensive therapies designed to address root causes of his behaviors. At one point, when his prognosis looked bleak, Dana found an emerging program that was having success with similar cases. Dana got us in, and it was in this placement that we were able to break through and change what would have been a dark trajectory.

When it was deemed that my son was ready to return home, Dana again worked to identify local resources and transition us to a renewed family life. Unfortunately my son's needs were not a good match for the educational resources available, so Dana took a bold step that amazes me to this day: She opened a school called Canterbury Academy. It was an experiential, gentle environment for students with emotional issues and it was staffed with teachers who understood the balance of academics and behavior modeling. It was even accredited.

My professional relationship with Dana has spanned over six years. During this time I've come to know her as a person with great compassion, intelligence, integrity, and a great sense of humor. Her frank approach is rare and refreshing. She has been a tireless proponent for my son, and she's helped me become the parent he needs.

Looking back, I realize how fortunate we were to have found Dana. I'm certain that the work we did helped my son immensely. He's now attending college and embarking on a productive young adult life. And I know that I provided the very best resources available because of her guidance. It was all worth it.


Ray A.

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