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A Model Of Care & Compassion

A Model Of Care & Compassion

Divorce & Custody

Every family struggles with the daily stresses of family life. Marriage and child rearing are complex life tasks, and families must adapt to many changes in the course of normal life.

At times, these changes involve divorce and shared custody of children. Every parent wishes to protect their children from the stress of these changes. Parents often seek professional advice on these complex issues. Parents, lawyers and arbitrators seek guidance on child development, on children's emotional needs during divorce, on best methods to share custody and on how to co-parent with grace and humor.

Best Interest Of The Child & Their Family

Dana Dean Doering, ARNP, is well experienced in child growth and development, family systems, effective parenting practices, expert witness testimony and parent coordination. She is a full member of the AFCC, Association of Family Conciliation Courts.

Dana brings best practices and current research in divorce, parenting and shared custody to bear on each and every case. She has worked repeatedly with difficult and/or precedent setting types of cases, both directly by court appointment, and at the request of individual families. Courts and families often seek determination of the best interest for their child or children. Special areas of interest include parent-child reunification, interstate jurisdiction issues, and parental estrangement and parental alienation.

We also enjoy working with families wanting creative and customized shared parenting arrangements. Dana prefers to work with families seeking a peaceful resolution of conflicted opinions as they combine personal preferences and intuitive understanding with the needs and best interests of their children. We are glad to work with families just starting on this journey to peaceful resolution.

Parenting Coordination: Relevant Expertise

Parenting coordination has set a new standard for collaboration in divorce and custody. We strive to bring this new model of care and collaboration to every family during these times of stress and change. Dana has expertise in the multiple areas of child assessment, family counseling, parent evaluation, high conflict custody work and forensic clinical evaluation. Her forensic training began while she was in mentorship with Dr. John Dunne, child psychiatrist and expert in the interface of child mental health and family practice law. Her training has continued with additional post graduate training. Her interest in child development and the accumulation of expertise acquired in 35 years of practice led Dana to specialty training in parent-child reunification and family conflict resolution. She is a full member of the AFCC, Association of Family Conciliation Courts.

Children of all ages, child to adult, need to feel that their family is intact, even if marriages at times are not. It is possible to achieve a happy and successful co-parent relationship following divorce, and to give this gift of wholeness to your children for a lifetime.

We are proud to bring this new model of care and compassion to your family and children.